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Grape Varieties

Grape Varieties

The most popular White Grape Varieties

  1. Chardonnay (Shar-do-nay)
  1. Sauvignon blanc (So-veen-yawn Blah)
  1. Semillon (Say-mee-yaw)
  1. Moscato (Mos-cato)
  1. Pinot grigio (Pee-no gree-zo)
  1. Gewürztraminer (Gah-vurtz-tra-meener)
  1. Riesling (Rees-ling)

The most popular Red Grape Varieties

  1. Merlot (Mare-lo)
  1. Shiraz (or Syrah) (Sah-ra or Shi-raz)
  1. Merlot (Mare-lo)
  1. Cabernet sauvignon (Ca-burr-nay so-veen-yaw)
  1. Malbec (Mal-bek)
  1. Pinot noir (Pee-know na-wahr)
  1. Zinfandel (Zin-fan-dell)
  1. Sangiovese (San-gee-oh-ve-zee)

9. Barbera (Bar-bear-a)



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