hotel management

Hotel Management

Shangrila programmes design the students on a journey that inspires excellence, creativity, innovation, and personal enrichment allowing them to embark on successful careers or personal pursuits. Graduates become a future Hospitality’s leader with the knowledge, practical training, and Multicultural skills, which will set them apart from the competition in a demanding and changing environment.

Key focus of study for each course:

  • Class room Activities
  • Creating a growth mindset classroom, we can help students take more ownership of their learning and achieve their independence
  • Guest Lecture from Hospitality experts/professionals
  • Industrial Visit to repute Industries
  • Cultural Activities
  • Student’s engagement
  • Industrial training for students at the repute Hotels
  • Parents meeting and counselling to improve students’ performance and monitor student’s growth. 

Career Opportunities: 

On programme completion, graduates will have the opportunity to work in the world leading hospitality operations such as Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants, Retails, Travel and Tourism companies, Cruise Ship

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