Director's Messages

Chairman and Founder

Shangrila sets high standards for hospitality management education globally. The institute influences students' behaviour, attitude and approach to the hospitality sector and to the broader essence of service. Our educational model bridges the gap between experiential and academic learning to aspire to personal and professional growth.

Shangrila aims a “breakthrough transformative education." that prepares students committed to an international career in hospitality. We build their interpersonal and leadership competencies. We develop their digital and technical hospitality skills for immediate relevance and employment in the industry. Whether they are aiming for a career in hotels, resorts, airports, cabin crew, restaurants, discotheques, luxury retail, travel and tourism, and even for an entrepreneurial or family business ownership, they leave Shangrila with confidence, knowledge and competency to perform. Through our global network of partners in Maldives, U.A.E, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, we offer unique learning opportunities allowing our students to transfer and integrate in new culturally diverse environments to become global citizens, agile & ready for tomorrow’s businesses.

Students, staff and faculty come together from around the world in a very inspiring and dynamic environment filled with a warm family-like atmosphere. We instil the values of openness and respect to differences. We embody the principles of team work and solidarity for success. We are very proud of our Shangrila students and we always look forward to seeing them be the future ambassadors of hospitality around the world.

Vikram Damera

Chairman and Founder

Managing Director

Hospitality industry is one of the most diverse and amazing platform, allowing one to exploit and enhance his true creative and performance potential. With the industry expanding everyday to encompass a wide spectrum of careers, it is no surprise that young generation of hospitality from all over the world desire to develop their expertise in the same. However, you need more than passion and a strong desire to build a successful career. The industry now demands a strong academic and technical foundation for a perfect equation.

The energy which our staff put into our programmes is the same energy they encourage in our students. Whether you plan to move on to restaurants, hotels, resorts, Cruise ship, Aviation or the numerous other related fields, We will encourage you to strive for your best so that you can achieve whatever you set out to do. We give you the knowledge and skills to truly make things happen!

Shangrila Institute have created learning pathways and support strategies to cater for the different skills and abilities of individual students, maximising their opportunities to achieve their goals and to prepare well-rounded qualified professionals who can match a step in the changing global hospitality industry.

We invite you to share our knowledge and passion for the hospitality industry and look forward to welcoming you on a journey of discovery that will last a lifetime and unlock the golden door of intellectual freedom and success.

Sinta Kartika Sari

Managing Director