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Laundry Process of in the Hotel

The laundry process includes the collection of soiled linen, sorting, mending, stain removal soaking, washing, and boiling, rinsing, blueing, starching, drying, damping, finishing and folding.

The housekeeper should separate bed from bathroom items, placing them in different containers. Heavily soiled items should be clearly set apart so laundry workers can initiate the necessary per-treatment as soon as they arrive in the laundry room. The use of trolley to transport linen, rather than plastic bags, provide a better impression to guests.

Before washing, linen are sorted out according to amount of dirt, Colour & type of fabric.

This is usually practiced on linen that are made of strong materials and are very dirty Soak for 24 hrs in cold water.

Dirt is removed with the aid of water, soap and a certain amount of movement to free the dirt from the clothes. Grease or oil dissolves more readily in hot water than in cold water hence hot water is better for washing than cold water

Boil already washed white cotton and linen in soapy water for 10-20 minutes. Longer boiling has a tendency to yellow white fabrics .Avoid over packing the boiler with clothes so that the water can boil through the material.

This is the process by which the dirty lather is washed off the clothes, thus leaving the clothes clean and soap less .The first rinse is best done in hot (warm) water.

Blue may be bought in liquid form, powder or in cubes. Laundry blue has been found to possess a quality that helps to hide this unpleasant discoloration and makes the garment appear whiter than it really is.

Clothes are folded so that they can be stored in little space and in such a way that the finish that has been given to them is not spoiled before they are required for use again rules.

When pressing the material is placed in position then the iron is pressed down where needed, lifted and replaced. Pressing is used to finish knitted fabrics, all thick fabrics, including lace, embroidery, woolens knitted fabrics.

Once linens are folded, they should be handled as little as possible. Folded linen should be shelved in the linen room, placed on the mobile racks for transportation to the floor closets, place directly onto the section housekeeper carts for ready use.

The ultimate goal of a well-run laundry is to obtain optimum results in terms of appearance, o dour and feel. Regarding appearance, the linen must be snow-white(white items) and free from wrinkles and spots caused by staining. The o dour must be fresh and clean, not stale and musty. For the feel, the articles should be smooth and velvety, not coarse or rough.

Most first-class hotels offer laundry and cleaning services to their guests. However, it is common to contract these services with the outside commercial laundry because of the specialization and time-consuming details that valet services entails. Properties that wash and dry-clean employee uniforms and draperies usually process valet service items in – house.



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